Learn to Teach Pilates

Interested in learning to teach Pilates? Great! Teaching Pilates is a rewarding career.  You'll be helping people change their lives and their bodies, one breath and movement at a time. And your ability to help these people will only be as good as your Pilates education. 

With that said, there are many Pilates teacher training programs out there. Some are as short as a few days, others are very lengthy and involve short sessions of classroom time followed by hundreds of observation hours (learning by watching someone teach).  Some focus on the original method (often referred to as Classical Pilates), while others have a more modern approach that includes current sports medicine and spinal rehabilitation findings (that's us). Only a few programs truly prepare you with hands on instruction geared to help YOU be an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor. 

The Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training program through Kona Pilates and Pilates Academy International is one of these few outstanding programs. (Our other favorite programs are  offered at Long Beach Dance Conditioning in Southern California and the Kane School in New York City/Chelsea. The STOTT PILATES program is also a good starting point.) Not only will we help ensure you know how to teach Pilates, we'll also make sure you understand proper bio-mechanics, anatomy, as well as proper modifications for injuries and health conditions. We groom Pilates instructors who understand what an exercise is supposed to be doing for the client, how to create programming on all of the Pilates apparatus that will help the client attain their goals, which muscles/joints are involved in each exercise, how to modify exercises (to create more/less challenge), what skills are required to perform each exercise, and which exercises/movements are contraindicated for specific health concerns.

What does Comprehensive Teacher Training mean?
A comprehensive Pilates teacher training program (according to the Pilates Method Alliance) includes: 

  • the instructor trainer must have 10+ years of teaching Pilates after graduating from a comprehensive training program
  • all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) education in matwork
  • all levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) education on all apparatus (reformer, Cadillac, chair, barrels, props)
  • training consists of a MINIMUM of 450 hours
  • a written and practical exam (with a passing score of 80% or greater) MAY be required
  • payment plans are generally available
  • studio access and availability for observation, personal practice, and practice teaching

However, how these hours are accumulated is where each program differs. Some programs have as few as 60 - 84 hours of classroom education for the ENTIRE program! We have 80 hours in our anatomy and reformer classroom portions alone. The balance of the 450 hours is comprised of observation hours (watching another teacher teach), personal practice hours, and practice/student teaching hours. OUR program has a minimum of 271 hours of classroom education PLUS additional workshops available such as Therapeutic Applications and Experiential Anatomy, and we require both a written and practical exam. Our total program exceeds the minimum of 450 - current program is 557 hours. (Students make up the balance of their hours with observation, personal practice, and student teaching hours.) 

Why does Kona Pilates and Pilates Academy Internatioal have so many more classroom hours? We believe that the hours in the classroom are the MOST important as this is where each student learns the goal of each exercise, which muscles and joints are working, proper execution of each exercise, how to modify each exercise for each individual client and body type, and has the opportunity for further inquiry with the Pilates trainer during classroom time. 

So students of Pilates beware! You get what you pay for when investing in your education (as well as clients investing in their personal education via Pilates and you). We see ourselves as the Harvard of Pilates training programs. Work with us or one of our graduates and you'll immediately understand why. It's the Kona Pilates difference.

Laura Crittendon LMT, studio co-owner, is our Licensed Instructor Trainer with Pilates Academy International in New York City since 2007.

Laura offers private and duet Pilates training courses (groups of 3 are available occasionally available). Laura is also able to bring a teacher training to YOUR facility. Email Laura with your inquiry. 

Did you know that Joseph Pilates taught all of his instructors privately? This way the coursework can be given and refined at the speed that each student needs to fully integrate and understand it. We work with YOU. Class times are generally on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

If you are interested, please contact Laura for more information. The easist way to reach Laura is via email.

We look forward to assisting you on your journey.

Learn to Teach Pilates

Please note: Experiential Anatomy is a required course prior to entering into any of our Pilates training courses (including the matwork course).

Interested in upgrading your education? We offer a cross-over program for students trained in other Pilates methods. Inquire with Laura via email.