Studio Policies

​Reservations and Sickness Policy 

All sessions are by appointment only. To ensure that you obtain the appointments you desire, please make reservations one to two weeks in advance. Payment is required at time of booking to secure your appointment(s). Prices are subject to change without notice. Appointments may be made in person, online, or over the phone.

We ask that all clients that are "feeling under the weather" refrain from coming into the Studio. Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise stimulate the body and can actually make you worse. Massage can also make things worse. Take the time for yourself, stay home, and get well.

Checking In & Lateness Policy

Please arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled appointment. This will allow adequate time to change, to relax and unwind before your appointment. In order for us to be on time, we regret that we cannot give you additional time if you arrive late for your appointment. If for any reason WE are late starting your appointment, you will receive the full scheduled time.


Please leave valuables at home, as we cannot be responsible for their safety.   

Cancellations/Missed Sessions/Rescheduling

Cancellation Policy: Our time together is valuable. In order to honor the commitment that each of us have made to your appointment (private lesson, movement session, or massage), notice of cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment given less than 24 hours** in advance will result in a full charge for that session. **Monday morning appointments must be canceled or rescheduled prior to noon on Saturday to avoid being charged. Cancellations are accepted either via our webscheduler system, in person, via email, or by phoning/texting the Studio at 808-756-1628. These policies apply to Gift Certificate appointments as well.

Standing appointments/session reservations: inconsistent attendance or repeated cancellations will result in the loss of that time slot regardless of 24 hour notice.

Please note that the cancellation policy is in place to minimize disruption to our clients and as a courtesy to our instructors/therapists who are compensated on a per client basis. Keep in mind that if you register for a session or book a massage or private we turn others away and if you don't show up they miss out.  

Scheduling an appointment is your acceptance of these policies.

Booking, Payment and Fee Structure

For optimum results and to give you a thorough understanding of our work, we require a minimum of 3 one-on-one privates (although 6 are highly recommended) prior to joining a Pilates or GYROTONIC shared or group lesson. (This does not apply to GYROKINESIS.) Pilates and GYROTONIC exercise can be done daily. In the beginning we recommend two or three times per week for optimal growth and results in the system.

Payment is due at the time of booking your appointment(s). Sessions may be purchased individually or in packages at a reduced rate (to honor and reward frequent attendance). All sessions and packages must be completed prior to expiration, no exceptions. Expiration begins from date of package purchase. Packages expire 12 weeks (three months) from date of purchase.

Standing appointments are only given to clients who purchase packages, and are only reserved for the number of sessions in the package. Frequent cancellations may result in the loss of the standing appointment(s) regardless of the 24 hour policy.

Please select your packages carefully as all sales are final. We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Program Expiration and Refund Policy

Program Expiration Policy: Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise requires a commitment of time, energy and money. The Studio allows a reasonable amount of time in which to complete all of your sessions. All packages have specific expiration dates. (These are listed on our website, noted on your receipt, and can be viewed in your account online.) In order to honor and encourage frequent attendance, the more sessions you purchase, the more you save. And, you must be able to complete those sessions prior to the expiration date or you forfeit the balance of lessons. No exceptions. Please choose your packages carefully. Gift certificates expire 6 months from date of purchase. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor the expiration date of the packages and sessions they have purchased.  

**Note: A one time extension to a package expiration date may be considered on an exception basis (i.e. unexpected medical reason with a valid physician’s release). Vacations and trips are not covered under this exception. This extension is only valid when stated in writing from the Studio. Contact the Studio via email for details. 

Refunds: All sales are final. Please choose your purchases and programs carefully as we do not offer refunds of any kind or under any circumstance. 

All prices, services and hours of operation at Kona Pilates are subject to change without notification. Please check our online schedule to confirm current rates, services and days of operation. We are here to assist you in planning the Movement Arts experience that best suits your individual needs.

Purchasing sessions is your acceptance of these policies.

Studio Etiquette 

Kona Pilates & GYROTONIC® of Chino Hills is a place of focused energy and tranquility. We ask that you please respect the privacy of other students and their wish to practice Pilates, GYROTONIC® or Yoga in our calm, peaceful studio. 

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your session starts to settle in and utilize all the studio has to offer;
  • Refrain from eating an hour before your session (a light snack is fine);
  • Wear form fitting, comfortable clothing for all Movement Arts lessons (yoga clothes or exercise clothing), so your instructor can see your alignment and how your body is moving. Please wear bike shorts underneath loose fitting shorts; 
  • Please bring clean feet to all Movement Arts lessons, non-slip socks are required for all equipment-based lessons (we recommend Toe Sox), a small towel (if you tend to perspire), as well as a personal water bottle. The other clients will also appreciate your use of deodorant.
  • Please leave your shoes and personal belongings in one of the cubbies in the waiting area.
  • Turn cell phones to silent before entering the Studio. If you need to make a phone call, please do so outside;
  • It is important to let the instructor know if you have any condition or injury before your session starts. If you are pregnant, please communicate this to the instructor at the time of booking;
  • The Studio is an "open concept" studio, meaning that multiple sessions (private, shared or group lesson) may be occurring during the same hour. We ask that you are mindful to not disturb our other students and keep conversations quiet and to a minimum;​

​​Studio Amenties

Our private boutique studio is nestled in quiet scenic Carbon Canyon Chino Hills CA and is minutes away from Brea in Orange County and Chino Hills in the Inland Empire. As you walk down the stairs from Circle K to the studio entrance, the sights and sounds of the Canyon ravine instantly transport you to a quiet peaceful space that feels worlds away from hectic life in the city. Our light and airy studio is purposefully designed as the ideal setting to transform your body with the Mind-Body Fitness programs taught inside. The studio is fully equipped with the complete pro line of Stott Pilates equipment, professional ballet barres, unique Gyrotonic exercise equipment, specialized Silk Suspension Systems, all the prop-toys you can think of, all surrounding a spacious workout floor. Tall windows bathe the studio in natural light while bringing the beauty of the Canyon inside. Come up to Kona Pilates and Gyrotonic in the Canyon and spend an hour focusing on you!

The studio has the full compliment of STOTT Pilates apparatus: 

  • 2 Reformers
  • 1 Cadillac/trap table
  • 3 Wall Towers
  • 2 Stability Chairs
  • 1 Ladder Barrel
  • 3 Spine Correctors
  • 3 Arc Barrels

The Studio has the following GYROTONIC apparatus:

  • GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower (brand new tower has been ordered and is arriving soon)
  • GYROTONIC® Ladders
  • Multiple GYROKINESIS® Stools and Mats

Brand new Silk Suspension systems/yoga trapezes

Brand new professional-grade wall mount Ballet Barres

Props (aka toys):

  • BOSU
  • Orbit
  • Stability Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Hand weights
  • Yamuna Body Rolling props
  • Core Coasters
  • Rotational Disks
  • and more...

We provide complimentary fresh filtered water, mints, towels, and mats.

  • ​​The Studio is a "teaching studio," meaning that student teaching apprentices may be observing the instructor teach a session (from an unobtrusive distance). These observation hours are crucial for building solid Pilates & GYROTONIC instructors. Remember, the trainee is observing the instructor - not the student;
  • True "private" use of the studio is available for an extra charge;
  • We ask that you refrain from bringing under age children with you, as there is not a way for them to be adequately supervised while you are exercising; 
  • Pets are not permitted;
  • Because some clients may suffer from environmental allergies, we request that you refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, scented hairspray, or other scented toiletries when attending sessions at the Studio. Also, please refrain from wearing any type of body oil as the oil makes the equipment slippery and is not easily cleaned from the equipment;
  • We have plenty of complementary fresh filtered water, mints, towels, and yoga mats.​

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Kona Pilates' policies, please send us an email (the best way to reach us is email) or phone us at 808-756-1628 before beginning your sessions. Booking a session is acceptance of our policies and we thank you for respecting our policies. 

Studio Amenities, Etiquette &