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Getting Started at Kona Pilates is easy! 

Ready to get started with us? Great! (And yay for you!) 

​​​Your Kona Pilates experience begins with the completion of a series of 3 Private Orientation lessons (although 6 lessons are highly recommended for best results). Each lesson is 60 minutes in length. Prior training in Stott (Contemporary) Pilates or GYROTONIC exercise may be considered to meet all or part of this prerequisite.

These lessons form the foundation of your movement arts experience. Without a strong foundation, no technique (no matter how good it is) will yield all of the benefits available to you.

Your lessons begin with a brief history of either The Method pioneered by Joseph Pilates, progressing to the contemporary, anatomical approach of STOTT PILATES, and current spinal rehabilitation training or a brief history of the GYROTONIC Expansion System as created by our teacher, Juliu Horvath. During this first lesson your instructor will: 1)  take a brief medical history focusing on any issues that may affect physical performance, 2) talk with you about your goals with Pilates and/or GYROTONIC exercise, 3) complete a postural analysis and an initial muscular assessment, 4) you will learn the basic principles of alignment and movement within Stott Pilates and/or GYROTONIC exercise, and 5) we'll get you moving and on your road to feeling fantastic!  You may choose to focus on one discipline or you may choose to enjoy both. Your instructor will help you decide which system(s) will best serve you and your fitness goals.

Each subsequent lesson will build upon the previous, introducing more complex movements along with core strengthening and stabilization exercises. By the end of these introductory lessons, you will have learned the foundational elements of either GYROTONIC exercise or Stott Pilates and a solid curriculum of essential equipment exercises that build initial strength in the core, lengthen and release tight muscles, as well as the use of props (if necessary) to assist you in your program. Your instructor may recommend additional private lessons if deemed necessary prior to joining duet, shared or group lessons, as the group class environment may not be appropriate for every person.

Boutique-size Classes:

Shared Lessons, GYROTONIC Inner Dance Classes & Circuit Training Classes

Two to six students, one instructor. Similar level of personalized instruction shared between two to six people.

Shared Lessons: To join a Shared Pilates Equipment Lesson, students need to completed our standard minimum three (3) private lessons (although six are highly suggested) and be relatively injury free. Each lesson available is a specific level and focus of Pilates. Shared lesson students can expect to workout on the Pilates SpringBoard, BOSU, Orbit, TRX, Barre, Ball, additional props in the studio, along with some work on the Reformer and Chair. This is an upbeat and fun boutique sized class!

All lessons & classes are 60 mins unless otherwise noted

Private Lessons

One student, one instructor. 

The "Gold Standard" in Mind-Body Exercise. Both Pilates and GYROTONIC exercise are designed to be taught one-on-one with each student so that each lesson is custom tailored to meet your personal learning style, speed, and meet your goals. Private Lessons move at your pace, not at the pace of a group, and are the quickest way to make progress and transform your body. Private lessons are also the choice for those who are working with an active or chronic injury/pain, and for those who prefer the personalized attention that only Private Lessons can provide. Available in any of the movement disciples (or combination) we offer, including Post Rehab Therapy. Private lesson students can expect to workout on a variety of the following (depending on your goals) the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels, the GYROTONIC Pulley Tower, Ladder, and Jump Stretching Board, TRX, Barre, and props

Single Private Lesson                           $75             
3 Private Lessons  ($70 ea)                 $210
6 Private Lessons  ($60 ea)                 $360 

Duet Lessons

Two students, one instructor. 

Similar level of attention, shared between two people. Available in any of the movement disciplines (or combination) we offer. For Duet lessons, it is required that students join a lessons at their similar level and ability. Duet lesson students can expect to workout on a variety of the following (depending on the goals of both students) the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels, the GYROTONIC Pulley Tower, Ladder, and Jump Stretching Board, TRX, Barre, and props. Please note: Duet lessons are not available for Rehab oriented sessions. We need the entire session to focus on YOU!

Single Duet Lesson                               $85 per couple / $42.50 per person
6 Duet Lessons  ($70 ea or $35 pp)      $420 per couple / $210 per person


(aka Yoga in Motion)​

GYROKINESIS classes are the heart and soul of the GYROTONIC method. Classes are limited to six students and are 90 minutes in length. Classes are also available via Skype for students you have trained with Laura in the studio.

It is suggested that prior to joining a GYROKINESIS group class, new students book a single private lesson so that the basic FUNdamentals of this amazing system are learned before applying them to movement. (If you are already a GYROTONIC student, you'll already be doing those FUNdamentals and more!)

Single "drop in" Class                                      $17
6 Classes   ($15.00 ea)                                    $90 

The fine print: ​All movement sessions are 60 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.  All studio session purchases (including massage) are final, non-transferable, and we offer no refunds. We pride ourselves in offering the finest Private, Shared and Very Small Group instruction available. All sessions are by appointment. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. All sessions expire three months from date of purchase without exception. Packages are designed to reward & encourage frequent attendance. We are a sock studio and grip socks for all equipment-based sessions. We highly recommend Toe Sox available online and SOON in studio. Please read our Policies for our full studio policies.

Introductory 3 Lesson Package

One student, one instructor.

Choose Pilates or GYROTONIC. Can be taught as a duet for an additional $10 per person per lesson (must be same two students in all 3 lessons). 

3 Private Intro Lessons  ($45 ea)                 $135     SAVE BIG!     

Please note: Limit one package per new student. Not available for Rehabilitation clients. 

GYROTONIC Inner Dancer classes: (also available via Skype). To join an Inner Dancer class, students need to complete our standard minimum three (3) private lessons (although six are highly suggested) and be relatively injury free.Inner Dancer classes are open to all students who are free from injury and limitation and who want a fun cardio/dance type of workout. This class begins with a dance inspired warm-up with deep core conditioning and hip shakin' fun. We then utilize a variety of fun props including the Orbit, BOSU, Ball, small hand weights, and Sliders for variety and increased intensity.

Circuit Training Classes: Student participation is by invitation only. These classes are for the fitness oriented client who really wants a challenge. GYROTONIC / Pilates Circuit classes involve working semi-independently on ALL of the apparatus (aka equipment) in the studio. This includes all of our Pilates and GYROTONIC equipment (as well as ball, BOSU, TRX, Barre, foam roller, Orbit). The instructor creates "stations" where each students works within their level on that piece of equipment/exercise series. Students need to know "the series" and concepts prior to joining this type of class. Let Laura know if joining one of these classes is your goal.

Single Class                                                      $35
6 Classes  ($25 ea)                                           $150