Post Rehab Therapy

We begin where PT ended (or never began)

In addition to working with our general clients and their fitness and wellness goals, both Laura and Steve have additional advanced licensing as Medical Massage Therapists. In our Hawaiian Medical Massage Therapy school, our 1,250 hour program consisted of intense anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, assessment and treatment design, and therapeutic hands on work along with therapeutic exercise. The schools goal was for their graduates to work side by side with allied health professionals (e.g., PTs, Physicians, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and other Massage Therapists). We believe that the more a "patient" understands about their condition, what contraindications exist, and which options for alternative exercise therapy (and massage) exist, the more these clients can take their power back and get fully onto the road of healing.

We're fond of saying that our specialty is,

"Fixing Broken Birds so they can Learn to Fly Again!"

Both Laura and Steve had extensive shoulder "re-build" surgeries. Laura's was from a slip and fall while Steve's was from a Moto X accident. Steve was fortunate enough to have his injury after Kona Pilates opened in Hawaii. Laura worked with Steve to get his shoulder as strong and stable as possible BEFORE his surgery was the only option to repair his shoulder. As soon as the Doctor cleared Steve for exercise, Laura began working with him in the Pilates studio. He began the very same exercises she had given him prior to his surgery. At his 6 week follow up the Doctor exclaimed that he had never seen anyone "at Steve's age" recover so quickly from a surgery like as intense as his. He asked what we were doing. We responded with, "We are both licensed massage therapists with specializations in medical massage and therapeutic exercise and we also happen to own a Pilates studio." The doctor was so impressed, he told Steve there was no need for PT as we were clearly on the right path. However, both Laura and Steve's shoulders only improved to 95% (which is actually awesome). It was then that there were both introduced to Gyrotonic exercise. It was the Gyrotonic exercise that allowed them both to achieve a 100% "back to normal" range of motion,

Following this experience, Steve took his massage education a bit further to specialize in Manual Therapy and his Pilates education further to include a full rehabilitation training program (now only available to licensed PTs and physicians).. He now specializes in combining his ONSEN Manual Therapy & Massage with movement re-education. Steve has worked with the following:

  • Post-rehab for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI),
  • Cognitive skill building via mindful movement education,
  • Life skill building: chair to stand transitions, walker to cane transitions, cane to walking freely,
  • Whiplash recovery,
  • Surgery recovery,
  • Back pain specialist,
  • ​Foot & ankle injury,
  • We pick up where Physical Therapy ends,
  • No-Fault Insurance for Massage / Manual Therapy,

Most of Steve's therapy clients book him with two sessions back-to-back: first session is ONSEN followed by a movement session utilizing STOTT Pilates equipment and/or GYROTONIC exercise.

When our studio was in Hawaii, Steve has many clients who fly from the mainland to Hawaii just to work with him. You may be surprised at what is possible.