Post Rehab Therapy

The Studio with Aloha

​offering the finest in STOTT Pilates®

 GYROTONIC® exercise  & Massage

In addition to working with our general clients, Steve specializes in combining his ONSEN Manual Therapy & Massage with movement re-education. Steve has worked with the following:

  • Post-rehab for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Cognitive skill building via mindful movement education
  • Life skill building: chair to stand transitions, walker to cane transitions, cane to walking freely
  • Whiplash recovery
  • Surgery recovery
  • Back pain specialist
  • ​Foot & ankle injury
  • We pick up where Physical Therapy ends
  • No-Fault Insurance for Massage / Manual Therapy

Most of Steve's therapy clients book him with two sessions back-to-back: first session is ONSEN followed by a movement session utilizing STOTT Pilates equipment and/or GYROTONIC exercise.

Steve has many clients who fly from the mainland to Hawaii just to work with him. You may be surprised at what is possible.