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exclusively offering Stott Pilates & GYROTONIC® exercise

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Opening SOON in Chino Hills ~ with aloha !

Post Rehab Therapy

In addition to working with our general clients, Steve specializes in combining his ONSEN Manual Therapy & Massage with movement re-education. Steve has worked with the following:

  • Post-rehab for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI),
  • Cognitive skill building via mindful movement education,
  • Life skill building: chair to stand transitions, walker to cane transitions, cane to walking freely,
  • Whiplash recovery,
  • Surgery recovery,
  • Back pain specialist,
  • ​Foot & ankle injury,
  • We pick up where Physical Therapy ends,
  • No-Fault Insurance for Massage / Manual Therapy,

Most of Steve's therapy clients book him with two sessions back-to-back: first session is ONSEN followed by a movement session utilizing STOTT Pilates equipment and/or GYROTONIC exercise.

When our studio was in Hawaii, Steve has many clients who fly from the mainland to Hawaii just to work with him. You may be surprised at what is possible.