We believe that EVERYONE can benefit from STOTT Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise as well as massage. 

Join us and feel for yourself how these systems can benefit you!

History & Vision

of the Studio

In 1999, a work injury (slip and fall) left Laura with one "severely" herniated disk and one torn disk in her low back, several bulging cervical disks, and a tear in her shoulder joint with unrelenting pain. Fearing that these injuries and pain would end her massage, movement, dance and martial arts careers, she began looking for answers and a road to healing. Laura found that her lifelong practice of Yoga only aggravated her back condition, but did not understand why (at the time).   A friend suggested Pilates equipment training. Pilates taught her an important lesson: extrinsic strength (big muscles) is different than intrinsic strength and stability (small "core" muscles around the spine and joints). Laura had developed great extrinsic strength (she owned two Gold's Gyms in Southern California training bodybuilding and fitness competitors) yet had insufficient core strength/stability which made her more prone to injury - thus the severity of her injuries from one fall. 

Kona Pilates & GYROTONIC of Chino Hills...

​​​a luxury boutique movement arts studio

exclusively offering Stott Pilates, GYROTONIC® & Bootie Barre®

Nestled in Scenic, quiet Carbon Canyon, Chino Hills CA ~ Est 2003 with Aloha

"The Vision for the Studio was born out of hope and the lessons of a severe, potentially life-altering,  injury and its subsequent multi-layered total rehabilitation."

Through a combination of studying and training/certification in STOTT PILATES®, the Australian Method of Spinal Stabilization and Rehabilitation training, neuromuscular and myofascial massage (along with Mindfulness meditation and Chi Kung), Laura found she was able to heal her injuries and continue her active lifestyle. She has successfully tested for two black belts with these rehabilitated injuries and took first place in her black belt division as well as first place over all in a Creative Forms Competition in 2000 (photo at right).

In 2003, Steve was introduced to STOTT PILATES® and Massage through his wife Laura. Steve watched as these modalities allowed his wife to move from a place of fear and pain to ease and freedom. These same modalities later helped Steve to quickly and completely recover from a major shoulder surgery. His joint was re-built following several dislocations due to Moto-cross injuries (yes, that's Steve jumping his race bike high in the air). Steve's surgeon at Queen's Hospital was delighted with how quickly and completely Steve was able to rehabilitate his shoulder. He was intrigued to learn more how Pilates and Massage made that possible. STOTT PILATES® and Massage also help to keep the nagging injuries that he experienced through years of intense sports (motocross, skateboarding, soccer, and kickboxing competitions) at bay.

In 2005, Laura and Steve were introduced to the GYROTONIC® Methodology by Instructor-Trainer Matt McCulloch, Owner of Kinected (formerly with Pilates on Fifth) in New York City. Both found that the circular, spiraling, and undulating movements of GYROTONIC exercise showed them places that their bodies weren't moving since their accidents/surgeries (ways that had remained hidden with Martial Arts, Pilates and Yoga). Steve and Laura became certified GYROTONIC Trainers (and Laura a licensed GYROTONIC pre-trainer). By adding GYROTONIC exercise to their lives, both have found joy and ease in pleasurable fluid movement and enjoy assisting others in finding the same feeling.

In 2003, Laura and Steve opened Kona Pilates LLC (formerly known as The Pilates & Movement Center of Kona) and GYROTONIC Kona in 2005 with the vision of sharing their knowledge, expertise and love of these mind-body-spirit disciplines and the goal of helping others, as these methods have helped them. Since its inception, the community at the Studio continues to grow and attract some of the most skilled, talented, and caring instructors, therapists, clients and friends found anywhere in the world.