​​​a luxury boutique movement arts studio

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Kona Pilates now in "Carbon Canyon"

of Chino Hills CA ~ Est 2003 with Aloha!

Frequently Asked Questions...

​The best way to get answers to your questions is to give us a call at 808.756.1628.  But in the meantime, we've compiled a list of commonly asked questions.  Even if this answers everything, call us, anyway!  We love to chat!

Q. Where are you located?
A. Kona Pilates is located at 1400 Carbon Canyon Rd, Suite 102, Chino Hills, CA.  We are downstairs from the Circle K.. Kona Pilates was previously located on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2003.

Q. What should I bring with me? 
A. The studio provides complimentary fresh filtered water, mints, towels, and yoga mats. The studio requires the use of grip socks for all movement arts sessions (we recommend Toe Sox). We suggest you wear workout wear that is comfortable and easy to move in AND that allows your instructor to see how your body is moving. If you wear shorts, please be sure you wear something underneath to keep things covered.

Q. I have sensitivity to scents and chemicals. Does your studio use fragrance in cleaning products or incense, etc?

A. Due to many of our students having sensitivities to environmental fragrances, we ask all students (and staff) to PLEASE avoid the use of scented products. In addition, please avoid using body oils and heavy lotions prior to coming to class (the oils and lotions make the equipment slippery AND are they are nearly impossible to clean off the equipment. We use only natural ingredients to clean our studio.

Q. How often should I attend sessions at the studio?
A. We recommend committing to 2-3 sessions a week for at least 6-8 weeks. Joseph Pilates put it best when he said: “In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body. Like learning a new language, the more often you take lessons and/or practice the quicker the results will come.

Q. Should I attend private lessons, group classes or semi-private lessons?

A. This all depends on how YOU learn best. Some of our students only attend private or duet lessons due to the freedom of scheduling and the privacy they offer. Other students only attend semi-private or group lessons, while the majority of our students attend a combination of private/duet and group/semi-private lessons. 

Q. Can I expect to lose weight?
A. With our active exercise program, most students lose inches and often weight. More importantly, you are stimulating your metabolism while making healthy lifestyle and body awareness changes. If you create and commit to a regular schedule of lessons at the studio, and create mindful eating habits, you should see a drop in weight and inches.

Q. My husband and I would like to do sessions together. Can you accommodate us?
A. Absolutely! We love working with couples in our duet lesson program. Same for friends wanting to workout together.

Q. I am very active and fit.  Will your program be challenging enough for me? 
A. Yes, our instructors are quite adept modifying exercises to accommodate all levels of fitness. For students needing a less rigorous regimen the program can be effectively modified for anyone’s age and fitness level.

Q. Will sessions at Kona Pilates help me with injury prevention or rehabilitation?

A. Yes, our instructors have thousands of hours of specialized training in injury prevention as well as specific training for injury/surgery rehabilitation. We pick up where physical therapy leaves off.

Q.  Does Kona Pilates provide sessions on a walk-in basis?
A. Kona Pilates offers privacy and exclusivity to all students, so all sessions are by appointment only.

Q. I am a golfer, can your program help my golf game? 
A. Yes. Both STOTT Pilates and GYROTONIC are excellent choices for golfers of all abilities. With our program for golfers, we’ll help you hit the ball further and with more accuracy (and less back pain). We won’t change your stroke, we’ll simply help you with alignment and body awareness making what you do even more powerful.

Q. Can I attend sessions at Kona Pilates while pregnant?

A. Yes. Sessions at Kona Pilates provide an amazing prenatal workout. Pilates and strength training exercises are safe and effective ways to continue to train your body throughout your pregnancy. Springs and weights can be adjusted to work with your changing needs throughout each trimester of your pregnancy. Our instructors will provide alternative exercises during core work segments, work with you to find a low-impact cardio options, and modify any other movements. Many pregnant clients have successfully attended Kona Pilates, with their doctor’s permission of course, throughout and after their pregnancy.

Q. What’s the age of your typical student? Is it mostly women? 
A. The median age is 45. The majority of our students are women but you will find the majority of our group classes are co-ed. We are seeing an increase in the number of men attending sessions at the studio.

Q. I will be attending lessons by myself.  Will I feel out of place?
A. Kona Pilates is perfect for solo exercisers. Many of our students have met life-long friends here in the studio. Some attend sessions with a spouse or friend, while most of our students attend sessions by themselves and thoroughly enjoy their time with the other students while participating in semi-private and group classes. There can be plenty of private lesson time too for those looking for a truly one-on-one fitness experience. You are always in good company at Kona Pilates.

Q. Can a group schedule a private group class at the studio?
A. Yes, we often create private classes and workshops, providing a program that is custom tailored to the specific needs of the group. For information, contact Laura.

Q. Do you offer out call sessions?
A. Yes, we are happy to bring our expertise to YOU. We have a number of students who own their own equipment and prefer the privacy of working out under the watchful eye of one of our instructors in their own home. We are also skilled at bringing workshop or regular weekly sessions to local businesses looking to provide their employees with the health benefits of our work.

Q. Do you also offer Massage Therapy?
A. Yes and no. Laura is a licensed and highly skilled medical massage therapist, but is no longer practicing as she is focused solely on movement arts. Steve is licensed as a "Massage Therapist", yet what he offers is so much more. Steve's work is Manual Therapy/Medical Massage and addresses sources of pain and dysfunction. Steve prides himself on being a problem solver rather than treating symptoms. Steve does NOT offer spa treatments or spa-like massages. Steve is in the process of transferring his massage license from Hawaii to California and will be offering out call massage sessions once his license in California is active. For more information about his work,
click here.

Q. Are you a “green” studio and do you use "green" cleaning products?
A. Yes, we have an ongoing recycling program for all recyclable materials, including water bottles, cardboard, metal, and more. In addition, we offer fresh filtered water with reusable cups for our students (to avoid plastic water bottles and throw away cups). We are in the process of upgrading all of our lighting to LED and energy star fixtures. All of our cleaning products are organic and chemical-free and fragrance-free, which are less dangerous to humans, reduces allergies, and are free from carcinogens. Our flooring is "floating" so there is no off-gassing from glue. The paint used on the walls is a low VOC paint. We often leave our door open to allow the beautiful fresh air (and sounds of nature) from the canyon ravine into the studio.