GYROTONIC Ladder and Barrels

The GYROTONIC Ladder and Barrels class is a unique Kona Pilates creation. This challenging class is perfect for those student who love to hang from monkey bars! It’s also a great fit for those who are looking for a class that not only feels good but also leaves you feeling strong and invigorated. We will utilize our two GYROTONIC Ladders and the full compliment of Barrels in our studio (Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Arc Barrels). 

In this class you'll work against the resistance of gravity and body weight. The Ladders and Barrels are designed support your body into flexibility enhancing side-bending, arching, lengthening, and hanging positions – while at the same time creating a great strength workout as you move into and out of those positions against gravity.  While the Ladder and Barrels have many therapeutic applications (aka “the feel good exercises”) found no where else in the exercise world (and that we’ll do in class), some of the exercises performed on them are considered by many to be some of the most physically challenging (even to elite athletes) of all of the GYROTONIC and Pilates repertoire. This class focuses on ALL of the GYROKINESIS and Pilates concepts we use in the studio. Intermediate to Advanced level.

​​The GYROTONIC Ladder and Barrels class requires an intermediate level knowledge of both GYROKINESIS and Pilates, and entrance is by instructor permission only. Interested in this class or trying out some Ladder or Barrel work for yourself? Schedule a private or duet with Laura and let the challenge and fun begin.

Class is limited to four students. Instructor permission necessary. Advanced reservations required. 

Bootie Barre at Kona Pilates Chino Hills

The GYROKINESIS® Method (Yoga for Dancers)​
Imagine an experience that is the evolution of dance, swimming, tai chi and yoga that causes your mind, body and breath to ripple with energy. Envision your body undulating like an ocean wave and swaying like a palm tree. Visualize your body getting stronger and more flexible, while your mind finds calm focus. By activating your imagination, you just took your first step into the world of Juliu Horvath, the founder of the GYROKINESIS® exercise program and the GYROTONIC Expansion System®. After suffering a ballet injury, Horvath developed the GYROKINESIS® program as a way to rehabilitate his body and spirit. In the process, he developed a movement method for strengthening and realigning the body. Through spiraling movements, breathing exercises and patterns of fluid motion that engage the body from head to toe, the GYROKINESIS® experience fully invigorates your being as it oxygenates and strengthens your body. In a time where the average person spends most of his or her day collapsed in front of a computer screen, the GYROKINESIS® system has never been more important; By developing a regular practice, one can counteract the impact of the technological revolution on our minds and bodies. These classes are also a restoring balance to more intense workouts. Get ready for a physical and energetic awakening, one twist at a time.

In this class, we'll begin seated on stools and we warm up and mobilize our entire bodies. Rather than holding poses like traditional yoga, we'll sway like palms and undulate like ocean waves. We'll work specific breathing patterns as we strengthen and lengthen from head to toe. We then move to our mats and finish standing. Open to all levels of fitness.
​Students who have trained with Laura in the studio are welcome to join class via Skype. 

It is suggested that prior to joining a GYROKINESIS group class, new students book a single private lesson so that the basic FUNdamentals of this amazing system are learned before applying them to the flow of an existing class. (If you are already a GYROTONIC student, you'll already be doing those FUNdamentals and more!).  

Class is limited to six students in the studio. Advanced reservations required.

Gyrotonic Ladder and Barrels class

In ten sessions, you will feel the difference; in twenty, you will see the difference; and in thirty, you will have a whole new body. – Joseph Pilates

Additional class options:

Classes taught upon request. Minimum of 3-4 committed students required. Classes are taught in a six week format. Inquire with Laura.

  • Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
  • Chi Kung for Healing
  • Breathwork
  • Body Rolling
  • Bring Mind-Body Fitness to your work or organization as an employee health benefit

Learn more about these modalities HERE. A minimum of 3 students are required to set up a class in one (or more) of these modalities. Inquire with Laura.

Inner Dancer ~ on the Orbit
Inner Dancer classes are
a fun cardio + dance + core strength + stretching  workout. 

In this class we begin with a mat-based dance inspired warm-up with deep core conditioning and quad shakin' fun. We then roll our way through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens and stretches the entire body, while also focusing on the GYROKINESIS  concepts of awareness, breath, core activation, neutral, arch, curl, spiral, and undulate.  While we primarily "play" on the Orbit in these classes, we will also use other props such as the BOSU, Ball, foam roller, small hand weights, and Sliders for variety and challenge. All levels welcome.

Please note: This class has quite a bit of kneeling (as shown in the photos), and may not be appropriate for those with knee issues. You may wish to begin with either our Reformer Combo or Wall Tower classes if you have concerns about your knees.

Students who have trained with Laura in the studio, and who have props at home, are invited to join class via Skype. 

The Inner Dancer class requires prior GYROKINESIS,  GYROTONIC or Pilates experience. Sign up for our New Student Intro 3 pack and you'll be ready to go!

Class is limited to four students in the studio. Advanced reservations required.

Wall Tower PLUS class
Inner Dancer class on the Orbit

Looking to join one of our awesome Group Classes ?

You're in the right place! Our Boutique-size classes are 60 or 75 mins in length and designed for small groups of four or six students offering a superior level of personalized instruction. Our class offerings are designed to provide variety and challenge to those who enjoy the community and social aspects of group class - not to mention the savings.

Try each one, as they each have their own unique "vibe" and ALL classes focus on our Pilates & GYROTONIC FUNdamentals.

To join an equipment group class: students need to complete our three New Student Intro Sessions to insure each student is truly familiar with the concepts and terminology used in class, how to set up the equipment used in class, and be relatively injury free (as the group environment is not suitable for those with active or rehabilitating injuries).  

Don’t see a class time on the schedule that works for you? Contact Laura and ask for the days/times you want!  It never hurts to ask for what you want.

Pilates Tower Plus

The Pilates Tower PLUS class is a challenging, fun and feel good class

utilizing our Pilates Wall Towers/Cadillac PLUS we'll "play" in our

Silk Suspension (TRX inspired). We will also use BOSU, Rotational Disks, and Ball. 

In this class you'll work against the resistance of the tower springs (which are more challenging strength-wise than the Reformer and Chair) while focusing and maintaining the Pilates principles of awareness, breath, core activation, neutral alignment, control/stability, precision, and flow. Your instructor will also keep a watchful eye for proper biomechanics while you strengthen and tone your entire body. All levels welcome.

​​The Pilates Tower Plus class requires prior Pilates experience. Sign up for our New Student Intro 3 pack and you'll be ready to go!

Clsss is limited to four students. Advanced reservations required.

Kona Pilates' Bootie Barre®

Contemporary STOTT Pilates meets classical Barre in a Bootie Lifting, Quad Shaking, Ab Slimming, FUN workout. Kona Pilates' Bootie Barre® classes are a fusion of Pilates + Yoga + World Dance + Cardio + + Martial Arts + Strength Training = one of the most effective, safe and FUN way to transform your body.   

Kona Pilates' Bootie Barre® class is a low-impact, high-energy and dynamic group class set to great music. We’ll use the classical ballet barre along with Pilates Matwork, Yoga, Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, belly dance) and a variety of props (sliders, resistance bands, stability balls, small weights, and more) to keep your body challenged and transforming. Tone, define and chisel your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs. Lift and shape your bootie. Learn how to activate your muscles and your body in a whole new way. If you can stand at the barre and hold onto the barre, you can DO Kona Pilates' Bootie Barre class with Laura.

Prior to joing our Bootie Barre class, it is HIGHLY suggested to complete a single Pilates private lesson to ensure you learn the FUNdamentals used in this amazing class. If you've had years of dance training or prior Pilates experience, you'll be ready to jump right in!

Class is limited to six students. Advanced reservations required.

Pilates REformer Chair Combo

​​Alternating between the Stott Pilates Reformer and the Stott Pilates Stability Chair, you will re-shape, re-align and reform your body! Joseph Pilates created the Reformer and Chair to Re-form your body form the inside out!

In this class you will work against spring resistance of the Reformer and Stability Chair (which challenge your ability to maintain stability and proper form) while focusing and maintaining the Pilates principles of awareness, breath, core activation, neutral alignment, control/stability, precision, and flow. Your instructor will also keep a watchful eye for proper biomechanics while you strengthen and tone your entire body. All levels welcome.

The Pilates Reformer Chair Combo class requires prior Pilates experience. Sign up for our New Student Intro 3 pack and you'll be ready to go!

Clsss is limited to four students. Advanced reservations required.

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