The Studio with Aloha

​offering the finest in STOTT Pilates®

 GYROTONIC® exercise  & Massage

What we teach goes way beyond what you’ll do at a gym or even in the studio. You’ll use these skills in LIFE!​

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Getting started is easy! Simply book your first private lesson (click above to utilize our amazing online booking system). We ask that every new client begin their STOTT Pilates and/or GYROTONIC exercise practice with a series of private lessons in order to learn the fundamentals and core principles of these amazing systems.

Not sure which style to begin with? No worries. Just book an appointment and we'll figure that out together. We believe the more personal attention to get in the beginning, the stronger the foundation of your practice is and the faster the benefits come. Together, we'll get your body moving, your core activated, and chart the course for your success to meet your individual needs.

What we believe:

  • Private & Duet lessons;
  • STOTT Pilates, the GYROTONIC ® & GYROKINESIS ® methods, Yoga Therapy, Chi Kung for Healing, Mindfulness Meditation, Body Rolling, and Pilates in the Air ®;
  • Small group classes (we won’t teach large group classes where you get lost);
  • Teacher training, movement seminars, and Manual Therapy training for massage therapists;
  • Medical Myofascial Massage Therapy with Laura;​
  • Onsen® Structural Manual Therapy with Steve.

Not sure where to begin?

Our Philosophy...

  • You have amazing potential, and we can help you discover it;
  • There is no such thing as “never’;
  • Your body’s ability to transform and heal is amazing, and we can help you tap into that ability;
  • Your workout is supposed be enjoyable and something you look forward to doing;
  • When it comes to bodies & workouts, quality is more important than quantity;
  • Knowledge is power—the more you know about your body, the more you'll feel confident making decisions about your health;
  • Sessions at Kona Pilates go beyond the physical: your workout can help support your personal growth on all levels with infinite possibilites.
  • Transformation is possible no matter where you are starting and where you desire to go – together, we’ll get you where you want to be.

We all know that “one size fits all” is a myth. All bodies are unique and different and need to treated as such. You want your clothes to fit you and to look good on you, right? So if “one size fits all” doesn’t fit the bill with your clothing, why would you choose a “one size fits all” workout? Because that’s what you get at most gyms: exercise programs and exercise machines designed for the masses. The gym workout may fulfill a subset of your body’s needs, but if you want real transformation, or if you just happen not to be a “one size fits all” human, then you’ll need to break out of the gym workout.

Give us a call or text, send us an email, or simply book your first appointment and together we’ll chart the course for your success. We believe in you!

At Kona Pilates we are so much more than simply a "Pilates Studio." Kona Pilates is an intimate boutique movement & healing arts studio offering a wide array of sessions from athletic performance enhancement & fitness to rehabilitation after injury or surgery including Massage / Manual therapy, STOTT Pilates®, GYROTONIC® exercise, Chi Kung for Healing®, Body Rolling, Pilates in the Air® and more. Experience for yourself The Kona Pilates Difference...

What we offer:

Options for training with us:

aloha & welcome to Kona Pilates...

the studio with aloha

Meet Laura and Steve, the husband & wife team of Kona Pilates.

  • The aloha spirit that is alive and well at Kona Pilates;
  • Services personalized for your unique needs: from fitness and athletic performance enhancement to rehabilitating from injury, from surgery, or an accident (including TBI, stroke, whiplash);
  • Thousands of hours of movement arts education and 25+ years of experience across multiple disciplines AND we are both licensed massage therapists with extensive training in medical massage therapy;
  • Partnership & encouragement to help you meet your goals;
  • A sanctuary of calm amidst the hustle & bustle of life;
  • We specialize in providing personalized attention, allowing you to make the most of your workout time. Our mission is to empower people to move freely in their bodies and expand their minds to feel healthier, happier, and more alive! Our highly trained husband and wife team of instructors come from a variety of backgrounds allowing us to offer a tailored experience for each client's needs.